Privacy Policy

  1. Why We Collect Personal Information

    MKD Software collects and utilizes personal information to give users and customers of MKD Software's site and services a seamless experience, from purchasing software to utilizing that software through continued support and communication between our developers and our users.
  2. How We Collect Personal Information

    When contacting MKD Software, we ask that you provide contact information so that we may continue to insure uninterrupted support and feedback to your suggestions and concerns. Purchase information is also collected by way of our on-line store affiliates and payment processors. All sales information received by MKD Software is securely handled on private systems, but accessible when our users have questions or comments concerning their orders or verification of registration information.
  3. When We Disclose Personal Information

    Disclosure of personal information at this time is only by authority of our customers by way of purchasing information related our on-line store affiliates and payment processors. We carefully review the privacy and protection policies of these companies to insure your safety and peace of mind. Personal information may also be disseminated as a requirement of the law or by legal process.
  4. How We Protect Your Personal Information

    MKD Software ensures the protection of your personal information through a series of physical, digital, and company procedures. We urge our users to always consider the possible uses and misuses of personal information when asked to supply such by any individual or company whether on the internet or in the physical domain.
  5. Access To Your Personal Information

    All information collected by MKD Software from our customers is available for review and updating by contacting our Legal Department. We verify all information queries. Any attempted request for personal or private information that is found to be from a third party in an effort to acquire such information for the purposes of identity theft will be dealt with through policing agencies.
  6. Collecting Other Information

    Users to our MKD Software site can browse anonymously. Your browser, however, does provide public information such as type of computer and operating system, pages to which you visit, and the length of time you spent viewing such pages. This data is used solely for the purpose of determing the effectiveness of site designs and layouts, stability of customer-to-company communication, and aiding in streamlining future changes to the MKD Software site.
  7. Our Commitment to Privacy

    MKD Software does not knowingly solicit the personal informaton of children nor does MKD Software send such request in any form. The MKD Software site contains links to other sites and services. With the exception of purchasing affiliates, MKD Software does not share, sell, or purchase personal information for any reason. MKD Software is not responsible for the privacy procedures or practices of the companies or services to which the MKD Software site may be linked. We thoroughly encourage our users to consider the privacy practices and policies of those companies and services. Should we deem it necessary to utilize personal information in a manner not covered within our privacy policy, we will attempt to contact you via email using the most recent contact information available. If you have opted to disallow us to communicate with you through any currently available means, we will not use your personal information in any way counter or contradictory to our privacy policy.

Last updated June 17, 2008